(Sp. model spelled same [t∫ója] 'head' or 'good judgment,' a popular and affective term of uncertain origin, perhaps from antiquated dialectal French cholle 'ball' < Frankish keula 'mace' [weapon])
   California: 1846.
   1) A common cactus, known for its long sharp spines that are so loosely attached to the plant that they seem to jump onto any person or thing that brushes them. Adams notes that the cactus can grow to up to eight feet; he indicates that the branches of the cactus, rather than the spines, are easily detached from the plant and seem to jump onto passersby. The OED defines cholla as one of several species of Opontia cacti. The DARE says that it is the prickly pear cactus. Santamaría glosses cholla as the common name used in northern Mexico for various native cacti of the same genus. He gives O. cholla and O. thurberi as examples. Cobos glosses it as the "buck-horn or cane cactus." Sobarzo describes the plant as a cactus with a vascular, pulpy stalk divided into sections about four inches in length and covered with very sharp spines. Its fruit is like that of the prickly pear, but quite small. It grows to a height of approximately four feet. Sobarzo suggests that the plant gets its name from the shape of its fruit. This variety of cactus is also commonly depicted in western films.
   Alternate form: choya.
   Also called jumping cholla, staghorn cholla, tree cholla, deer brush.
   2) The term also has figurative meanings in the Southwest. Smith notes that it may be a colloquial term for 'skull,' or it may refer to a dull or stupid person. No Spanish source references the latter meaning.

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.

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